SIMON SAYS: If the Chicago Bulls were able to play the Chicago Bears, the Bulls would be winning!

Submitted by Simon Hill on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 17:00

In yesterday’s SIMON SAYS I explored what was happening with the capacity expansion at Enterprise’s Houston Ship Channel facility. It’s a bit like Brexit, where we were given a date on which we would leave the European Union, but we still don’t know if it’s going to happen, and if it is, then when?

SIMON SAYS: Propane Inventory Locked Up in Y-grade

Submitted by Simon Hill on Fri, 05/24/2019 - 10:41

I’m getting a far better understanding for what is happening to stocks in the US at the moment.  Clearly, they are a lot higher than last year and look as if they’ll push through 5-year highs sometime in June, but if the US winter hits hard and earlier in 4Q this year we might be heading for trouble.