About Us

Energy Trading Analytics International (ETAI) was created to bring LPG news and events together with experienced insights in a way that provokes a new understanding of market behaviors. ETAI is focused on understanding true market drivers and providing readers a clear interpretation through our daily dialogue, Simon Says, and other subscription services.

About Simon Hill

Simon Hill is Chief Operating Officer of Energy Trading Analytics, Inc. (ETAI) based in London and Houston, and is responsible for the company’s operations outside North America.  During his 35 year span in the LPG industry, Simon has held many commercial positions ranging from supply, trading and marketing.

Prior to joining ETAI, Simon was COO at Swisschemgas in Athens, Greece, where he was responsible for the company's rebirth into the international LPG trading arena. During his two years at the helm, the company built back up its strong position in the market, focusing mainly on LPG shipments from the US to Asian markets. Previously Mr. Hill was Group CEO of Petredec based in Singapore, responsible for worldwide trading operations at a time of significant growth for the company in both its LPG trading and shipping activities. Earlier roles included General Manager of International LPG with Texaco (now Chevron) and trading LPG for the UK state oil company BNOC.

Simon holds a BA Honours degree in Economics from the University of Leeds.

He currently resides in London after 15 years in Singapore.